manikk ADSR is a linear envelope generator.

You can use it to create normal linear ADSR-style envelopes, but you can also use the parameters and modulation capabilities to create other type of envelopes.

In loop-mode the module can be used as LFO. By using the jump-parameter, the module can be used as a gate delay.

Main features:

  • Linear behavior
  • Loop – after a completed envelope it starts over again and again…
  • Invert – the envelope is inverted and moves from max to zero and back to max again.
  • Jump – no gliding between the phases, it just waits and jumps to the target level.
  • Freeze – freeze the time and hold the current envelope output level.
  • Reverse – run backwards: R-S-D-A.
  • Amplitude – lower or modulate the amplitude.
  • Time-range – extend or modulate the A, D, R-times.
  • Modulation – the modulation jack can modulate most of the parameters.
  • Retrig input jack – retrig an ongoing envelope.
  • Gate/trig input jack – start the envelope.
  • EG output jack – the resulting output curve (0 – 8,2V) .

Almost all of the parameters can be modulated by the modulation input jack.

Some basic behaviors can be configured by a number of config-parameters.

Technical details
Width: 4HP
Depth: 31 mm
+12V: 35 mA
-12V: 9 mA

How to connect an active expander to the ADSR module.

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