Create a cable for the MIDI dongle

NOTE! The instructions here is for the MIDI dongle. The MIDI cable for the OUTBREAK differs and has another pinout.

OUTBREAK wire order: 1=red, 2=shield, 3=white

Dongle wire order: 1=red, 2=white, 3=shield

You create the cable with the following parts:

  • Shielded cable
  • Female MIDI connector
  • 3 position female header

MIDI In cable:

The shield on a MIDI in cable should only be soldered on the 3 pin header side, and NOT soldered on the MIDI-connector side.

HeaderDINCable colorComment

MIDI Out/Thru cable:

The shield on a MIDI out cable should be connected and soldered on both sides of the cable. On both connectors.

HeaderDINCable colorComment

Building instructions

1. Female header

Solder the 3 wires to the 3 position female header. Use a little piece of the cut cable isolation to isolate the shield wires. See picture.

2. MIDI connector

Then solder the wires on the other end of the cable to the DIN chassis connector. See pin layout image and pinout table above. If you are soldering a MIDI IN cable, then you should cut the shield wires and not solder them to the chassis connector. In this picture, the shield wires is pointing out to the right and we have not cut it yet.

If you are creating a MIDI OUT/THRU cable, then you also should solder the shield wires to pin 2. Here we also have cut a little piece of the cable isolation and used to isolate the shield wires.

3. Isolation

Use isolation tape or shrinking tube to isolate wires.

4. Mount it on the module

Here you will see the MIDI dongle mounted to the ADSR module. The MIDI IN cable is connected.