Product status: Planned

NOTE! The picture is just a mockup and may change…

This is a very special module, designed for a very specific purpose.
It is a keyboard scanner for creating your own keyboard from a velocity sensitive, diode-based keybed, for example the Fatar keypads.

Main features:

  • Scans 88 keys with velocity sensitivity
  • Aftertouch support
  • Pitch bend wheel support
  • Modwheel support
  • Supports two foot pedals
  • USB connection to your computer and DAW
  • LCD Display
  • Arpeggiator>
  • Navigation buttons
  • 4 Pots for manual control (1,2,3,4)
  • 2 analog inputs (A & B)
  • Analog input B has an attenuator
  • 1 digital trig input (T)
  • 4 channels with outputs for Velocity (V), Pitch (P) and Gate (G)

The keybed can be spilt into zones and sent out via USB or the eurorack jacks.
The pots can be used for MIDI cc-sends or cv-outputs.
The arpeggiator can be synced via MIDI or the trig input jack.

Connectors on the backside:

  • 2 IDC connectors that can be connected to a Fatar keybed.
  • 1 connector for connecting 2 foot pedals
  • 1 connector for connecting aftertouch
  • 1 connector for connecting pitch bend and mod-wheels
  • 1 eurorack power connector
  • USB connector


2,990 SEK

Technical specifications


Width: 14 HP
Depth: 29 mm

Current consumption

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