How to buy

From reseller

You can find and buy our modules from the following resellers webshops:

Escape From Noise

From manikk (Sweden only)

If you live in Sweden you can also buy directly from manikk.

Use our contact form and write down what you want to buy your email and your contact information. We will email back to you the total amount including freight and a bank account where you should transfer the money. We will also inform you about current lead time. When we receive the money we will produce and send the articles ordered.

Delivery time

We build our modules manually by hand and therefore it can be some lead time from your order to delivery. If we are out of modules, it will naturally take longer time…

Thank you for your patience here!


The prebuilt hardware modules come with a 1 year warranty against malfunctioning.

Prototypes and outlet items have 3 months warranty against malfunctioning.

DIY-kits have no warranty.

The reseller handles warranty issues if they were to happen..