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Here you will find our pre-built products.


Price: 1,990 SEK

4HP Envelope generator with a number of features like: loop, reverse, invert, freeze, modulation and moreā€¦

ADSR Expander

Price: 790 SEK

2HP Active expander for use together with the manikk ADSR module.

Dual 3 Channel Mixer

Price: 890 SEK

Dual 3 channel DC-mixer. The upper mixer output is normalized to the lower mixer input 1.

Dual Active Multiple 1 to 3

Price: 890 SEK

Dual buffered multiples with 1 input and 3 outputs each. The upper normalized to the lower.


Price: 990 SEK

Utility module with 1 attenuverter, 2 attenuators and a 1 to 3 buffered multiple.


Price: 890 SEK

MIDI THRU module with both DIN and TRS jacks.


Price: 890 SEK

Programmer for the Roland JX-8P, JX-10 and MKS-70 synthesizers


Price: 890 SEK

2HP TRS MIDI Thru module. Each jack configurable for type A or type B.

Otto Passive Mono

Price: 590 SEK

Passive module with 8 mono jacks and pin-strip on the backside.

Otto Passive Stereo

Price: 590 SEK

Passive module with 8 stereo jacks and pin-strip on the backside. Can be used for MIDI-TRS applications.


Price: 3,900 SEK

14HP 8 channel MIDI interface with CV, gate and clock outputs


Price: 990 SEK

6HP Mono mixer with six inputs and level shift.