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Here you will find our pre-built products.


Price: 1,990 SEK

4HP Envelope generator with a number of features like: loop, reverse, invert, freeze, modulation and moreā€¦


Price: 990 SEK

Utility module with 1 attenuverter, 2 attenuators and a 1 to 3 buffered multiple.

MIDI Dongle

Price: 390 SEK

Pre-built MIDI add-on for some of the manikk modules

Otto Active Expander

Price: 790 SEK

2HP Active expander for use together with some other manikk modules. Expandes the features of that master module.

Otto Passive

Price: 590 SEK

Passive module with pin-strip on the backside.


Price: 3,900 SEK

14HP MIDI to CVs, gates and clocks


Price: 990 SEK

6HP Mono mixer with six inputs and level shift.

We also have some DIY-kits, if you like to solder electronics yourself.

You also may find something in the outlet.