Installation and power

The manikk Eurorack modules are components that should be installed in an approved and safe Eurorack modular synthesizer system.

  1. Make sure you use approved and good power supply and case.
  2. Make sure that the power is OFF:
  3. Install the module in an empty space in your rack. Mount it with the supplied screws.
  4. Then connect the +-12V ribbon cable between your Eurorack power supply and the power connector on the back of the module. Make sure to get the orientation correct on both ends of the cable.
  5. Turn on the power and inspect that everything works OK.

Power connector orientation

The power cables are created with flat ribbon cables.

10pin to 16pin power cable

Most (but not all ! ) Eurorack modules, power supplies and cables have markings for the -12V side of the ribbon cable. Usually a red stripe on the ribbon cable and texts on the PCB.

Two connector types are common:

  • 2×5 = 10 pin IDC female connector
  • 2×8 = 16 pin IDC female connector
2×5=10pin IDC female power connector (red stripe to the left)
2×8=16pin IDC female power connector (red stripe to the left)
Multicolor cable, red stripe to the left in the picture

Some cables have 16pin connectors in both ends, and others have 10pin on one side and 16pin on the other side.

The manikk cables are mainly the 10pin to 16pin variant with a red stripe for the -12V side. The 10pin connector goes to the manikk module and the 16pin connector goes to the eurorack modular synthesizer power supply.

Connector pin layout

Red stripe or marking usually means the negative -12V.

Some ribbon cables from manikk may have multiple colors. Also here the red cable marks the negative -12V side (see image above).

2×5 = 10 pin IDC female connector:


2×8 = 16 pin IDC female connector:


The +5V, CV and Gate are not used by the manikk modules.

See here how to create a power cable.