Functional description

The Digital8 Expander is an optional expander module that expands the functionality of some of the other manikk modules.
The ADSR Expander is identical to the Digital8, except that it has its own frontpanel.

The module that controls the Digital8 Expander is here called the master module.

It gives 8 additional digital outputs.

The function and meaning for each digital output jack depends on the master module. Read the manual for the master module for details.

The module has a SPI interface and needs to be connected to the master module by female-to-female dupont cables.

Power and GND are also taken from the host/master module by two dupont cables.

This module should therefore not be connected to the Eurorack power supply by itself.

The frontpanel has the number 1 to 8 printed for the jacks. (The ADSR expander has other labels).

Multiple Digital8 expanders can be cascade connected if the master module supports this.