midiSix MIDI Implementation

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MIDI CC, value based

These CC’s uses its value of 0-127 to set the parameter.
20Fixed clock divisions: 0, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 12, 16, 18, 24, 32, 36, 48, 64, 72 distributed equally over the cc value range 0-127.
Also resets the clock division counter.
21MIDI clock divisions 0-127
1=single pulse (not so useful)
2-127=selected division.
Also resets the clock division counter.
22MIDI clock divisions 128-255. The number 128 is added to the cc-value 0-127.
Also resets the clock division counter.
69Manual sync output.
Values 0-63 sets the sync output inactive (5V).
Values 64-127 sets the sync out active (0V). This can be used to create your own arpeggio patterns from your DAW. Note that this controller also turns off the midi-clock sync by setting clock division to zero.

MIDI CC, actions

These CC’s are actions that are triggered when the value is greater than 63. The actions can also be triggered by sending a program change with the same number.
23Save current clock division to internal memory. Loaded at next startup.
24Reset the clock division counter
85Root key is 0
86Root key is 12
87Root key is 24
88Root key is 36
89Root key is 48
90Root key is 60
102Set MIDI channel 1
103Set MIDI channel 2
104Set MIDI channel 3
105Set MIDI channel 4
106Set MIDI channel 5
107Set MIDI channel 6
108Set MIDI channel 7
109Set MIDI channel 8
110Set MIDI channel 9
111Set MIDI channel 10
112Set MIDI channel 11
113Set MIDI channel 12
114Set MIDI channel 13
115Set MIDI channel 14
116Set MIDI channel 15
117Set MIDI channel 16
118Panic -> All notes off
120All sound off -> All notes off
123All notes off