Otto Stereo MIDI TRS

The Otto Stereo can be used as a passive MIDI bracket.

MIDI TRS jacks are 3.5mm stereo jacks, and the Otto Stereo has 8 such jacks.

If you have modules with MIDI dongles or MIDI input pins on the backside, you can use the Otto Stereo as a single MIDI Input/Output 2HP module, that can be connected to up to eight MIDI devices.

In this picture we have used a Otto Stereo as MIDI Jacks front for the OUTBREAK. The OUTBREAK has its MIDI input pins on the backside. We have connected 3 dupont cables on the backside between the Otto Stereo and the OUTBREAK for the MIDI-connection (midi pin 4, midi pin 5 and GND).

We have only used the top first jack number 1. The other 7 are free for use for other purposes. You can connect up to eight MIDI devices this way.