ADSR Expander

Product status: Active

The ADSR Expander expands the functionality of the manikk ADSR module.

It has 8 digital output jacks that gives the following extra outputs to the ADSR module:

  • Jack 1 – High when in Attack state
  • Jack 2 – High when in Decay state
  • Jack 3 – High when in Sustain state
  • Jack 4 – High when in Release state
  • Jack 5 – High when Modulation input peaks
  • Jack 6 – High when in Freeze mode
  • Jack 7 – High when in Idle state
  • Jack 8 – High when an envelope is ongoing

The ADSR module has only support for one expander.

See here how to connect the expander to the ADSR module.

See also the FAQ for more tips and tricks.

Package Contents

  • 1 Module (with dedicated frontpanel for expanding the manikk ADSR module)
  • 5 Dupont cables
  • 2 Screws
  • Plastic zip bag


790 SEK

Technical specifications


Width: 2 HP
Depth: 21 mm

Current consumption

+5V: 2 mA (taken from the master module)

Additional files, images and videos

ADSR Expander - User manual

Left view

Right view

Back view