Compact Power Distribution Board – DIY

Product status: Active

This is a power distribution board that is delivered as a do it yourself kit.

Simple to build with only a few components.

Very compact, only 4,1 x 10cm


  • Terminal screw block for connecting -12V, +12V, GND, +5V, Gate and Pitch-CV
  • Indicator LEDs for -12V, +12V and +5V
  • 10 IDC Power connectors
  • Power it either by the terminal block, or by one of the IDC power connectors.

KIT Parts

  • 1 blue PCB
  • 10 IDC connectors
  • 6 pole terminal block
  • 3 LEDs
  • 1 resistor 220 ohm
  • 2 resistor 1k
  • Plastic zip bag


390 SEK

Technical specifications


Width: 0 HP
Depth: 0 mm

Current consumption

Additional files, images and videos

Compact Power Distribution Board – DIY - User manual

Left view