Dual Active Multiple 1 to 3

manikk Dual Multiple 1 to 3 is a 2HP module that has 2 active buffered multiples.
Each multiple have 1 input and 3 outputs.

The output from the upper multiple (jack 4) is normalized to the input (jack 5) of the lower multiple.
If no plug is inserted in the input at jack 5, then the upper multiple is extended with 3 more outputs, 6 outputs in total.

The two inputs have a 1M resistor to GND, that makes the OP-amps happy when no input signal is connected.

Each of the 6 outputs have a 1K resistor before the signal is sent to the jack.

The module is based on the Otto Passive Mono Front and has an add-on PCB on the back. The Otto Front have normalizing pins for the 8 jacks, where you can pass-by the input/output signals if no plug is inserted in the associated jack.

The dual row pins on the bottom of the backside is the regular eurorack power connector. The negative -12V is marked on the backside of the PCB. The power cable usually has a red stripe for the negative -12V. Make sure to get the orientation correct.

See also the FAQ for more tips and tricks.

Package Contents

  • 1 Module
  • 2 Screws
  • 1 Power cable


890 SEK

Technical specifications


Width: 2 HP
Depth: 35 mm

Current consumption

+12V: 14,2 mA
-12V: 14,2 mA

Additional files, images and videos

Left view

Right view

Back view