Product status: Active

The mp-800 is a programmer for the Roland JX-8P, JX-10 and MKS-70 synthesizers.
It is NOT a Eurorack module!

It is very small, only 50x35x15mm.


  • Support for all the parameters of the original programmer.
  • The “switch”-parameters that have 2-4 fixed levels, can be controlled with momentary buttons instead. Each press of a button cycles the parameter to the next value. When it reaches the maximum parameter, it starts over from the lowest/first value again.
  • Based on MIDI CC messages (not sysex).
  • Save and Load up to 32 user patches in non-volatile memory.
  • 64 Built in presets.
  • Randomize function (all or single parameters).
  • 8 predefined “Macros” that changes multiple parameters at the same time from one CC.
  • 8 user defined “Macros” with up to 4 parameters each. Each of the 4 parameters can also be inverted or have user defined ranges.
  • 8 user defined “Snaps” which is snapshots of up to 4 parameters and their values.
  • No external power supply is needed because the mp-800 gets its power from the synthesizer.

See the manual for more information.

Contents in the package:

  • 1 mp-800 Programmer device
  • 1 MIDI TRS Type A cable
  • Cardboard box


890 SEK

Technical specifications


Width: 0 HP
Depth: 15 mm

Current consumption

+12V: N/A
-12V: N/A
+5V: N/A

Additional files, images and videos

mp-800 - User manual

mp-800 - Zip file - Some useful files and layouts

Left view

Right view

Back view

manikk MP-800 Tutorial – Programmer for the Roland JX-8P, JX-10 and MKS-70