Digital8 solderpads and hacks


This hack voids the warranty!

It is possible to add LEDs to the Digital8, but it needs some handy-work. This hack is mainly for your DIY-projects.

Each LED consumes some current. Make sure that the master module can serve the added power consumption from these LEDs.

You need to drill a little hole in the frontpanel above and between each jack. The LEDs needs to be small, so that it fits between two jacks. It should be mounted behind the frontpanel, and just emit it’s light through the small drilled hole.

Then you have to solder eight 220 ohm 0805 resistors for the missing resistors. Use higher values for the resistors to reduce the power consumption.

Finally solder the eight LEDs to the solder-pads. The negative/cathode pin on the bottom side, and the positive/anode pin on the top side. Make sure that the legs for each LED does not make contact with anything else than the pads where they are soldered. Use heat shrinking tubes for the legs if necessary, especially the anode-leg.