Outbreak modes, voices and channels?


The Outbreak has 8 “voices” that can be used in a number of ways (modes). For each mode you need to select how many voices you want to use, 1 to 8.

A voice is a row of jacks on the Outbeak and has 3 gate jacks (S, M, R) and 2 CV jacks (CVK, CVF).

The jacks for the voices that are unallocated, are still free to control by MIDI-CC. You control these on the midi base channel.


The Outbreak has 6 different modes:

  • Mono – each voice gets a dedicated midi channel, from the base midi channel and up to the allocated number of voices.
  • Unison – all allocated voices plays simultaneously on the base midi channel.
  • Polyphonic – Up to 8 voices can be allocated and played from the same base midi channel.
  • Cyclic – Cycles through the allocated voices on the base midi channel.
  • Random – Similar to cyclic but the voices are played randomly.
  • Drum – Here you allocate the drumvoices from the bottom and up. Each drum-voice has 3 triggers. The first/bottom voice is triggered with midi key 36, 37 and 38. The second drum-voice is keys 39, 40 and 41 and so on.

For each mode you have to allocate the number of voices (1 to 8) that you want to use.

For the allocated voices the following apply:

  • S – gate that is controlled by MIDI-CC 80
  • M- gate that is controlled by MIDI-CC 81
  • R – gate that is controlled by note on/off.
  • CVK – pitch/key CV
  • CVF – velocity CV


You can set the base midi channel that is used for all modes.

How to set the mode and number of voices

To change the mode (and nr of voices) you need to click the buttons like this:

Click “Par”: This enters the Parameter edit,  The ”start” led blinks.

Press “Par” again a number of times until the ”mode” led blinks.

If this is the first time you use the Outbreak, it is probably the ”mono” led and the first/top led in the R-column that is lit.

This means that you are in mono-mode and have allocated 1 voice.Nothing happens on channels 2 and upwards, when you only have allocated 1 voice.

If you now click the ”Val”-button a number of times, you will see that the led in the R-column starts moving down and allocates, 2, 3, 4… voices in mono mode.

When you have reached 8 voices in mono-mode and then press ”Val” one more time, you will wrap over to the next mode, which is unison and you start again with 1 allocated voice.Again use ”Val” to increase the number of voices.

If you want to step backwards and decrease the number of voices, you can hold the ”Val”-button a little longer. This ”long press” decreases the number of voices. It also wraps to the prior mode when wrapping from 1 voice.

To leave the edit-pages you can hold and make a ”long press” on the ”Par”-button.You can also press Par a number of times until the edit-mode wraps over from the last parameter (tune) and back to run-mode again.

The channels/voices that are not allocated are still free to change by midi CC.