Product status: Active

OUTBREAK is a very powerful MIDI-to-Euro interface with a massive number of 46 (!) jacks.

6 jacks are used for sequencer signals and clocks. The 3 clock outputs has individual clock dividers that scales down the incoming midi clock from 0 (off) to 63.

All the other jacks are used for the 8 voices in 6 different modes.


  • Mono – up to 8 separate mono voices
  • Unison – play 1 to 8 voices simultaneously
  • Poly – polyphonic mode with up to 8 voices
  • Cycle – Cycles the selected number of voices for each midi note
  • Random – Same sa cycle but activates the voices randomly
  • Drum – Each drum voice can trigger 3 drums, 2 with velocity and 1 without velocity. If you use all 8 voices for drums, you can trigger 8×3=24 drums…

Each voice has 5 jacks: 2 general purpose gate outputs, 1 gate out for the played midi-note, 1 CV for pitch and 1 CV for velocity.

All jacks and parameters can be controlled by MIDI-CC and/or MIDI-NRPN-messages. (Example templates exist for Ableton Max for Live).

The number of jacks and voices has been chosen based on the numerous 8 channel MIDI-control-boxes that exist on the market, for example KORG nanoKontrol2 that has 8 channels, each with 3 buttons (gates) and 2 knobs/sliders (CV). Using a MIDI-controller like this connected to your DAW, gives you 40+ eurorack outputs controllable live from your fingertips…

Each voice has an individual volume and a portamento-function.

The module has autotuning of the connected VCOs for each of the eight voices. An additional array of individual keytunings can also be attached to one of the eight voices. This can be used to control modules that do not respond to V/oct or if you want to make crazy key-tunings.

Package Contents

  • 1 Module
  • 1 Female MIDI cable for attaching on the backside
  • 4 Screws
  • 1 Power cable
  • Cardboard box

The MIDI connector

The MIDI-connector provided, should be connected to the white connector on the backside.  The jumper on the backside should be in the INT position.

Another optional solution for the MIDI in jack, is to use a manikk Otto Passive Stereo module. You can then connect one of the Otto stereo jacks to the white connector on the Outbreakand get a modern MIDI-TRS jack on the rack front panel.

Read more about MIDI here.
More about channels and voices here.


3,900 SEK

Technical specifications


Width: 14 HP
Depth: 29 mm

Current consumption

+12V: 72 mA (137 mA with all LED’s lit)
-12V: 42 mA

Additional files, images and videos

OUTBREAK - User manual

OUTBREAK - Zip file - Ableton Live Max for Live panels

Left view

Right view

Back view

manikk and friends #1: Outbreak + Teenage Engineering P.O. 400

manikk and friends #2: Outbreak + Teenage Engineering P.O. 400

manikk and friends #3: Outbreak + TTSH

manikk and friends #4: Outbreak gives New Life to 4 Korg monotrons