Simplify power cabling

Sometimes you will run out of power connectors in your eurorack case. Here you will find som tips and tricks that may help.


A simple yay to get more power connectors is to get a splitter. You can use the manikk compact power distribution board for this. Connect a 16 pole IDC flat cable from your main power bus board to this extender board. Then you will get 9 extra power connectors for your modules.

Veroboard for tiny modules

If you have multiple modules that have the same placement of the power connector, then you can use a vero board and solder a lit splitter yourself. This splitter can be mounted directly at the back of your modules, and will use only one power cable to your main power bus board.

Solder a 5-pole header for each module. Solder a 2×5 pinstrip on the other side of the vero board. Then use one single power cable to your main power bus.

See the images below for inspiration. (In the images we have soldered 6-pin headers, but only 5-pole headers are needed.) If your modules have 16-pole connectors, then you have to solder 8-pole headers.

You can of course solder dual headers for each module, so that you connect to all pins on the power connector on each module.