Outbreak2 Manual


The manikk Outbreak2 is a midi interface for the eurorack modular system. It is highly customizable in the way that you can override the default jack functions with other functions than is printed on the front panel. You can for example use all 22 output jacks as drum triggers if you wish. And if that is not enough, you can attach up to 4 Digital8 expanders and get another 4×8=32 drum triggers…

The Outbreak2 has a base midi channel that you can set, and each interface occupies 5 midi channels. In theory you can therefore have up to 3 Outbreak2 devices on the same MIDI interface from your computer. It is recommended to only have one device per midi interface, because all midi communication sums up and slows down the midid communication.

The base channel is used for most of the communication with the device. Mono-mode makes use of the first 4 midi channels, all other modes uses only the first (base) channel. The fifth channel can be used for drum triggers and CC-messages without interfering with the voice channels.


The device has one button and a lot of led indicators. You can configure the mos essential settings with the button, the rest can be configured by midi.

The normal mode of the device is the “run”-mode. The EDIT-led is not lit in run-mode. When you make a short press on the button, you will enter the edit-mode and the EDIT-led will be lit. In edit-mode you will always be using one of the parameters that are printed on the front panel:

  • mode
  • voices
  • jack
  • tune
  • p.len
  • conf
  • split
  • load
  • save
  • chan
  • exp



Glide, attack and release



TBD pitch, vel, gate

Start-, Stop- and Reset-jacks








Additional controllers

TBD, bend, aftertouch, polypressure

MIDI Implementation