Product status: Planned

Outbreak2 is a highly customizable MIDI-interface.

  • Voice handler with up to four voices
  • Voice modes: mono, unison, poly, cycle, random and split
  • All jacks can be overridden by the user
  • 3.5mm TRS-MIDI input jack on the front panel
  • Button and leds on the front panel to select functions and make configurations
  • 8 CV jacks
  • 14 Digital jacks
  • Up to four Digital8 expanders can be connected to further expand functionality
  • The eight CV jacks has glide/attack and release parameters
  • All jacks has configurable pulse length
  • All jacks can be inverted
  • 8 user patch memories
  • Configurable by midi CC and SysEx
  • MIDI learn for many of the jack functions

Functions that can be routed to the output jacks on the main module:

  • Voice signals: Pitch, Velocity and Gate
  • MIDI CC and controllers like Pitchwheel, Modwheel, Aftertouch, Polyphonic pressure
  • MIDI Notes, can be used as drum triggers
  • Start, Stop, Reset
  • MIDI clock with user defined divisions


2,490 SEK

Technical specifications


Width: 8 HP
Depth: 29 mm

Current consumption

Additional files, images and videos

Outbreak2 - User manual