Digital8 Expander

Product status: Planned

manikk Otto Digital8 is an optional expander module for use together with some other manikk modules. It has pins on the backside with a SPI interface for communication with the master module that it expands. The 8 jacks gives 8 digital outputs.

It also has pins on the backside for the output (tip) signals and also for the 8 break signals that get the output signal when no plug is inserted in the jack.

The active expander gives additional features and outputs to the master module.

Read the manual for the master module carefully, to see if that module supports the expander or not.

Some master modules may have support for two or more expanders as well. In this case they are connected in a cascading chain. The first expander receives the data at the MOSI-pin, and then forwards the bits thru to the cascading out pin to the next expander in the chain.

The Digital8 Expander has the numbers 1 to 8 printed for the 8 jacks on the frontpanel.

See here how to attach stickers to the front.

You can also use this module for your own DIY-projects where you have a SPI interface that can control this module.

See also the ADSR Expander module. The ADSR Expander is a nearly identical to the digital8 expander. It has a frontpanel designed for the ADSR Expander functions. Some versions of it may also have fewer SPI pins, because it is not designed for cascading multiple expanders in a chain.

Pins from top to bottom

Pin Name Description
1-16 J1-J8 & GND Tip signals and their GND pins
17-32 B1-B8 & GND Break signals and their GND pins
33 +5V 5V power to this expander
34 +5V 5V power to the next expander in the chain
35 SS SPI Select signal to this expander
36 SS SPI Select signal to the next expander in the chain
37 SC SPI Clock signal (SCK) to this expander
38 SC SPI Clock signal (SCK) to the next expander in the chain
39 M SPI Data in (MOSI) to this expander
40 X SPI Cascading data out to the next expander in the chain

When connecting the expanders, you can use any of the pins marked GND as the GND-pins also for the SPI connections.

See here how to connect the digital8 expander to the master module.

Package Contents

  • 1 Module
  • 5 Dupont cables
  • 2 Screws
  • 1 Sticker sheet
  • Plastic zip bag


790 SEK

Technical specifications


Width: 2 HP
Depth: 21 mm

Current consumption

+5V: 2 mA (taken from the master module)

Additional files, images and videos

Digital8 Expander - User manual

Left view

Right view

Back view