Outbreak Prototype

Product status: Outlet

This is an earlier version of the OUTBREAK.

Link to the latest version of the OUTBREAK.

Differences compared to the latest version:

  • Texts “cycl”, “rand”, “drum” missing on the frontpanel.
  • Black buttons
  • The MIDI input optocoupler is on a separate little add-on board on the backside.

Package contents

  • 1 Module
  • 4 screws
  • 1 Eurorack power cable
  • 1 Optocoupler add-on board
  • 1 MIDI cable with DIN-5 female connector
  • Cardboard box


1,900 SEK

Technical specifications


Width: 14 HP
Depth: 29 mm

Current consumption

+12V: 72 mA (137 mA with all LED’s lit)
-12V: 42 mA

Additional files, images and videos

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