Outbreak Link

VCV Rack module

This module can be downloaded from the VCV Rack library.

This module acts as a link between VCV Rack and a real hardware Outbreak module.

All jacks in the VCV version are inputs, that send the incoming signals to the hardware outbreak output jacks.

NOTE! The Outbreak uses MIDI and the bandwidth is therefore low. This low bandwidth is shared between all jacks. The more jacks you use, the lower bandwidth you will get for each jack. It works best for slow signals, like gates and triggers.

The 27 clock and gate jacks on the hardware Outbreak will output +5V or 0V depending on the input.

The 16 CV jacks will output 0V to approximately 8V depending on the Outbreak Link input. Calibrate with the CV trimmer.


Select MIDI output interface with the top button.
The second button is a MIDI panic button that clears all outputs.


The CV Adjust trimmer adjusts the hardware output voltage level. Insert a known voltage in a CV jack on the Outbreak Link and measure the real output on the hardware Outbreak jack. Adjust with the trimmer until it is the same voltage.

Context menu options

Show MIDI selector

Shows or hides the MIDI selector. You can also use the top button for this.

MIDI Performance

This adjusts the MIDI bandwidth a little. Select if you have a good or bad MIDI interface.

Threshold Gates

Select at which VCV Voltage level the Outbreak gate will turn high.

Price USD