How does MIDI work in manikk modules?

We have decided to put the MIDI-connectors as pinstrips on the backside of the modules.

The Outbreak has MIDI as a main function.
Therefore it has an optocoupler onboard. The provided connector is a passive MIDI cable that should be attached to the pinstrip on the backside.

You can also get an Otto Passive Stereo and connect one of its eight jacks instead of the provided cable to the OUTBREAK. This gives you a MIDI TRS 3.5mm stereo jack input on the front instead. The other seven stereojacks can be used for other purposes in your rack. You can then connect to a MIDI device with 3.5mm TRS MIDI output. If you want to connect to a 5-pol DIN, you must get an adapter.

On the ADSR, MIDI is an option.
The ADSR does not have an optocoupler onboard and needs a MIDI THRU or Otto MIDI that takes care of the optocoupling. These modules also have MIDI THRU pins on a pinstrip on the backside.
Connection between the MIDI optocoupler module and the ADSR is made with female to female dupont cables in the pinstrips on the backside of the modules.

Both MIDI THRU and Otto MIDI can be used for MIDI THRU connections for other modules and devices than manikk. They are general MIDI THRU boxes in euro rack format. Both of them can serve multiple modules with MIDI data. Both have pinstrips on the backside for internal MIDI connections.

You will find general MIDI information here.