Otto Passive Stereo

Product status: Active

manikk Otto Passive Stereo is an 2HP module that can be used in several use cases:

  • Front panel with 8 stereo jacks
  • MIDI TRS front panel with 8 jacks that you can connect to modules or devices that have a MIDI TRS input. Connect tip and ring freely from the pins on the backside to support MIDI TRS type A or type B. Read more.
  • To get a MIDI-TRS stereo input jack for the manikk OUTBREAK. Read more.
  • DIY applications
  • See here for more inspiration

On the back there is a pin-strip with access to all jacks tip and ring signals.

No normalizing functions on this stereo version of the Otto. The stereo-version does not come with any cables or female headers.

The stereo version has green jacks.

No cables or dongles are included.

See also the Otto Passive Mono.

See here how to attach stickers to the front.

See also the FAQ for more tips and tricks.

Read more about MIDI here.

Package Contents

  • 1 Module
  • 2 Screws
  • 1 Sticker sheet
  • Plastic zip bag


590 SEK

Technical specifications


Width: 2 HP
Depth: 21 mm

Current consumption

+12V: No current consumption. Completely passive.

Additional files, images and videos

Otto Passive Stereo - User manual

Left view

Right view