Otto Passive use cases

The Otto Passive modules are completely passive modules with 8 jacks.

It exists in two versions:

  • Otto Passive Mono – 8 Mono jacks with a break/normalizing function for each jack.
  • Otto Passive Stereo – 8 Stereo jacks, with separate pins on the backside for tip and ring for each jack. Use it for stereo applications or MIDI TRS applications.

On the backside there are pins for each jack, both the jack signals and the normalizing/break-signals. Each signal has a GND-pin so in total there are 32 pins on the pin strip.

Here is a list of idéas and use cases for the modules:

General idéas for the Otto Stereo

  • 8 MIDI TRS jacks where you have access to the tip and ring pin for each of the 8 jacks. Connect it to existing MIDI ready devices. You will then have one 2HP module that “serves” up to 8 MIDI TRS connectors. Read more.
  • If you want a MIDI-TRS stereo-input-jack for the manikk OUTBREAK. Read more.

General idéas for the Otto Mono